Once-a-year markets in Vietnam

Vietnam Tours: Not a sign of people elbowing each other out in a crowd, neither sellers nor buyers bargaining about prices. It seems that people who come to these markets once a year just to wish for luck and prosperity.

Unlike other ordinary markets, these markets are only opened once every year.
1. Khau Vai Love Market
Khau Vai market day is opened in the end of 3th lunar month, in a quiet place of Stone Plateau in Ha Giang. On this day, young ladies and young men, as well as local and foreign visitors, people at all ages gather together at Khau Vai, making it one of the most unique love markets in Vietnam.

2. Vieng Market in Nam Dinh
Is also opened only once a year, Vieng Market remains at one of the oldest markets, yet attracts thousands of visitors every year. The market is opened at night, usually on 7th and 8th day of the first lunar month, in Nam Truc and Vu Ban Town.

4. Antique Market in Hanoi
Is opened only once a year on 23th to 30th of the last lunar month at the crossroad between Hang Ma and Hang Luoc Ancient Town, the market mainly shows neo-classical products and ancient bronze products fluctuating of dozens to hundreds years.

4. Yin-Yang Market in Bac Ninh
Yin-Yang Market takes place for only one night on late 4th, early morning of 5th of the first lunar month. It is held at Ó Village (now known as Xuan O village), Vo Cuong District, Bac Ninh. 

Yin Yang Market - Bac Ninh - Vietnam Yin Yang Market - Bac Ninh

5. Thieu Market in Thanh Hoa
Thieu Market often takes place at Thieu Xa Village, Cau Loc Town, Hau Loc on early morning of 26th day of final lunar month. Goods shown at the market are usually agricultural products such as rice, honey and various kinds of vegetables. 

6. Dinh Bich La Market in Quang Tri
Dinh Bich La might be one of the most ancient once-a-year markets, marking its existence to hundreds years and keeping on existing as a special traditional characteristics of local people in Trieu Phong Town. 

7. Go Market in Binh Dinh
Unlike other once-a-year markets, Go market is opened on exactly the first day of the Lunar New Year. It is held as a local festival, a place of unique cultural exchanges in Binh Dinh – the city of martial arts.

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