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If you are looking for that extra thrill, we also cater for people who want to ride themselves across Vietnam. Original Easy Riders will experience a wide and exciting range of terrains; from undulating countryside to dirt tracks and beautiful scenic roads through the mountain ranges and along the coast.

1.  When you should book a Self riding tour?
If you want to enjoy the freedom and the joyful of riding a motorbike, you should book a “Self riding” tour with us. If you’re traveling alone, the fee for this type of tour will higher than a normal Easy Rider tour. So, we highlight if you have at least 1 friend (your friend can be a pillion passenger of also rider). In this case, the  fee will more reasonable

2.  Will you need a riding license?
In fact, if you want to ride a motorbike in Vietnam, you will need a license. But don’t worry about this, we make sure you have permission to ride a motorbike with us without license

3.  Your riding experience?
That so great if you have experience, but what’s if you want to ride without any experience? We will train! You only need 30’ training, and after that you can control a motorbike very easy, just remember: a motorbike = bike + motor! 

4.  Our motorbike:
Just depend on you, we provide 3 kind of motorbike:
1.  Automatic 
2.  Semi-auto: with gear
3.  Manual: with hand clutch

5. On the road:
The traffic in Vietnam is different from your country, so the guide always in front of you, you must never pass him! And he will always make a sign, so that you will know what to do: up speed, lower speed, turn, stop…


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