Antique Market in Hanoi

Is opened only once a year on 23th to 30th of the last lunar month at the crossroad between Hang Ma and Hang Luoc Ancient Town, the market mainly shows neo-classical products and ancient bronze products fluctuating of dozens to hundreds years.

 Though being called a market, it includes just over tens of market little stalls. There is nowhere you can find a signboard. The antique market’s visitors mainly come here to look for housing decoration products, or just to walk and look around, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the final days before Tet. Antique Market is also an ideal gathering place for those who share the same interest in antiques.

Products shown at the market are quite diversified, most popular of which might be bronze Buddha Idols or other statues made from bronze… Besides, there are also a wide range of pottery and porcelain products. However, it is actually hard for normal people to tell apart between genuine and fake products, except for antique experts and enthusiasts.


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