Khau Vai Love Market

Khau Vai market day is opened in the end of 3th lunar month, in a quiet place of Stone Plateau in Ha Giang. On this day, young ladies and young men, as well as local and foreign visitors, people at all ages gather together at Khau Vai, making it one of the most unique love markets in Vietnam.

Khau Vai Market is opened exactly on 27th day of the 3th lunar month, held about 200 kilometers distant from Ha Giang City’s center. The market day has been operated for many years, originally held as a traditional market of H’Mong minority people.

Legend has it that the first people who set foot in this place were lovers with unfinished love stories, coming here to wish to see their lovers once again. They had come and given each other passionate love for one night, then the market finished the day after, they left that place again to come back to their current wives/husbands, without a bitter word. However, nowadays Khau Vai Love Market is a place of people gatherings, selling goods and cultural exchanges.

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