Mekong Delta fish noodle soup in Sai Gon

Originated from Cambodian noodle soup, Mekong Delta fish noodle soup has been innovated by Vietnam lowlanders to bring out the special flavor and a new taste for the soup.

Mekong Delta fish noodle soup is served with mam ca linh (a kind of fish sauce) instead of mam bo hoc. The special feature of the fish noodle soup lies at its remarkable fragrant fish broth which is made from a typical fish of the Mekong Delta. Fresh fish is also boiled down to make fish sauce. 

An adequate bowl of fish noodle soup includes catfish meat, minced citronella, thin-top mushroom and chopped eggplant. Accompanied sauce is neat tamarind sauce with fresh chili slices and lemon. Vegetables and herbs include young bananas, bean sprouts, spinach and especially Delta’s pot herbs.
Three most famous Mekong Delta fish noodle soup restaurants include Vy Restaurant located at an alley near Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 5; Bac Lieu Restaurant on Vinh Vien Street, Ward 10 and Le Quang Dinh Restaurant on the same name street of Binh Thanh District. 

Mekong Delta fish noodle soup in Sai Gon - Preview


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