Yin-Yang Market in Bac Ninh

Vietnam Tours: Yin-Yang Market takes place for only one night on late 4th, early morning of 5th of the first lunar month. It is held at Ó Village (now known as Xuan O village), Vo Cuong District, Bac Ninh.

According to the local belief, this is the only night of the year for the dead and the living to meet again.

Yin Yang Market - Bac Ninh - Vietnam Yin Yang Market - Bac Ninh
The market starts at late noon of 4th day of first lunar month at a large waste land, beside a local temple. Though being called a market, there are hardly stores or stalls, and people who join the market usually bring along a chicken alive to make a sacrifice for the god there. People barely bargain about the prices, just discussing together in their smallest voices. Local people believe that going to this market is like giving out a blessing in disguise towards the dead. This belief, along with their religious routines can be considered as a bold characteristic of spiritual lives of Northern people.

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