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  • Hon Dau Island - A majestic historical monumentHon Dau is a small island lying separately from a range of mountains, about one kilometer away from Do Son Peninsula. The island honorably has particular fresh air, considered as one popular tourist destination.
  • Bun bo Hue (spicy Hue beef noodle soup) in Sai GonLike any other food originated from the ancient capital of Hue, beef noodle soup requires complexity in cooking and presenting, especially sophisticated in making broth.
  • Cu Lao Cau IslandVietnam Beautiful Beach from Mui Ne - Binh Thuan - Lying 9 kilometers off the main coast, Cu Lao Cau Island is surrounded with a range of stone cliffs.
  • The charms of lakes in Dalat - Than Tho lakeThe Lake of Sighs is located about 6 kilometers distant from the center of Dalat, following Chi Lang area direction. Under French colonialism, the lake was named “Lad des Soupirs”. After 1976, the lake’s name was changed into “Suong Mai” (the Mist Lake), but most tourists are still more familiar with the name “Lake of Sighs”.
  • The charms of lakes in Dalat - Tuyen Lam LakeThe lake is located 5 kilometers distant from Dalat center. Its flows start from the legendary Tia Lake and made it location neatly in the middle of the boundless pine forests.
  • Dinh Bich La Market in Quang TriDinh Bich La might be one of the most ancient once-a-year markets, marking its existence to hundreds years and keeping on existing as a special traditional characteristics of local people in Trieu Phong Town. The market is opened on late second night of Tet (Lunar New Year) every year.
  • Mixed Rice (bibimbap) in SaigonThis special dish remains one of the most popular representatives for Korean Cuisine. Mixed rice has been recognized and loved by a wide range of cuisine enthusiasts all around the world, marking as a symbol of Korea often on TV dramas and cultural shows.
  • Korean Barbecue in SaigonKorean people love enjoying barbecue on cool, rainy days. If you are interested in tasting the dish in a genuine Korean spirit, try it on a rainy afternoon of Saigon. Beef ribs are carefully and skillfully seasoned with onion, pineapple, minced kiwi, soy sauce, rice wine and some specific Korean spices before grilled.
  • Meat pies (Banh Gio) in Sai GonIf a single dumpling should be enough for your scrumptious breakfast then you would need twice or three times of that number when it comes about meat pies.
  • Exploring Coffee Culture in Hoi An’s coffee shopsGoing to coffee shops in Hoi An is not simply an activity of finding a place to enjoy a well-made cup of coffee and to rest, but is also considered a way to experience the local culture and the peaceful atmosphere of the city at the fullest.
  • Visit Tra Su Indigo Forest - An GiangTourists visiting Tra Su Forests will have unforgettable memories and experiences while admiring the beauty of boundless landscapes and getting to taste typical western Vietnamese specialties.
  • Num bo choc fish noodle soup in Sai GonOriginally a specialty of the tower-pagoda’s land, num bo choc fish noodle soup has followed the footsteps of Cambodian expats to settle in Saigon.
  • “Ech òn” (“Òn” Frog) – A Cham Ethnic Group’s SpecialtyExcellently and professionally cooked, penetrated with special Cham’s cuisine’s essence, ech on (or “on” frog”) is believed to enchant the taste of people who once try it.
  • Phu Quy Island - Binh ThuanHas its location settled in Binh Thuan, lying about 100 kilometers distant from Phan Thiet, Phu Quy Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands of East China Seas.
  • Vang Pheo VillageVang Pheo Village is located 30 kilometers away from Lai Chau Township to the west. The village has its settlement leaned against Phu Nho Kho Mountain, face heading towards the winding Nam Lun Stream; altogether creates a miraculous natural picture.
  • Ta Leng Terraced FieldsWith massive terraced fields that spread out along the hill slopes like silk carpets of the Highlands, Ta Leng attracts a great number of tourists every year, especially on full-ripening rice seasons. Around September and October, the smells of fresh ripen rice spreads out everywhere.
  • Yin-Yang Market in Bac NinhVietnam Tours: Yin-Yang Market takes place for only one night on late 4th, early morning of 5th of the first lunar month. It is held at Ó Village (now known as Xuan O village), Vo Cuong District, Bac Ninh.
  • Fermented Pork Rolls in Thanh HoaThanh Hoa’s fermented pork has long been known as one of the most delicious specialties of the city. Local people here have been very creative to make fermented pork under various forms; most popular forms of which are nem thinh (fermented pork mixed with “thinh” – a kind of roasted rice) and nem boc (fermented pork rolls).
  • Lung Phin Village Fair in Ha GiangLung Phin Village Fair is not only a place to exchange goods and rare highland’s agriculture produce, but more importantly, it is a community gathering place where minority people in Ha Giang meet up and take part in cultural exchanges.
  • Vietnamese dumplings in SaiGonVietnamese dumplings include two main kinds, one with stuffing and the other kind which if of fully fine wheat flour with no stuffing. A dumpling is worth about 40 to 75 cents – quite budget yet probably what you need for a breakfast.
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    Canyoning Tour in DaLat

    Canyoning Tour in DaLat

    Walking, jumping and swimming, you will discover fantastic canyons and face the challenges of incredible gorges.

    Explore the Real Vietnam

    Explore Vietnam

    Thousands of majestic natural landscapes and over 50 different ethnic groups with varied cultural features and values await tourists.

    Why travelling by motorbikes?

    Why travelling by motorbikes?

    Exploring the beautiful country of Vietnam and its people on a motorbike surely is a smart, minimal and wonderful way of travelling.

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    Vietnam Easy Riders Our Teams

    Our Team (Easy Riders Team), just are passionate travellers and then becomes an expert in providing travel services.

    Vietnam People Photos

    Vietnam People

    At present there are 54 different ethnic groups inhabiting Vietnam, in which Kinh (Viet) people make up nearly 90% of the whole population, and 53 other ethnic groups represent over 10%.

      Fermented Fish with Bitter Leaf Hot Pot of western Vietnam

    Fermented Fish with Bitter Leaf Hot Pot of western Vietnam

    It is believed widely that trying this hot-pot dish once and you will never be able to forget its wonderful scrumptious taste. Fermented fish with bitter leaf hot pot (literal lau mam) is a specialty of southwest regions of Vietnam.

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      Beo Poles - An observation towards waterway areas' unique ways of advertisement

    Beo Poles - An observation towards waterway areas' unique ways of advertisement

    Visiting some popular floating markets in southwest waterway regions, tourists easily catch sights of some unique bamboo sticks or poles set up beside the owners’ boats and attached with various local products as a way to advertise the products they are selling.

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      Korean Cuisine in Saigon's Korea Town

    Korean Cuisine in Saigon's Korea Town

    Enjoying a bowl of Korean cold noodles (literal naengmyeon) or mixed rice (bibimbap) on a hot day of Saigon or slowly sipping warm soju wine on long rainy day are believed to be pure bliss.

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