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  • Sand Dunes in Mui NeMui Ne’s Sand Dunes, located off the city of Phan Thiet, is a beautiful not-to-be-skipped-over destination. Having its location settled and spread out abundantly to kilometers, the shapes of the Sand Dunes are known to be changing after each wave of strong winds or just over a night.
  • Vietnamese dumplings in SaiGonVietnamese dumplings include two main kinds, one with stuffing and the other kind which if of fully fine wheat flour with no stuffing. A dumpling is worth about 40 to 75 cents – quite budget yet probably what you need for a breakfast.
  • Thieu Market in Thanh HoaThieu Market often takes place at Thieu Xa Village, Cau Loc Town, Hau Loc on early morning of 26th day of final lunar month.
  • Saigon's most scrumptious noodle soupsSaigon has been widely known for being a cultural centre of Vietnam where remarkable indigenous cultural features of the three regions of the country (North, South, and Central) meet.
  • Vieng Market in Nam DinhIs also opened only once a year, Vieng Market remains at one of the oldest markets, yet attracts thousands of visitors every year. The market is opened at night, usually on 7th and 8th day of the first lunar month, in Nam Truc and Vu Ban Town.
  • Breath-taking attractions in Binh ThuanFilled throughout the territory with beautiful beaches, splendid sand dunes and ancient multi-colored stone grounds, Binh Thuan Province remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Indeed, Mother Nature has favored the land with a wide range of breath-taking scenic sights.
  • The charms of lakes in Dalat - Dan Kia LakeThe lake is so beautiful that it is compared to a “sleeping beauty” – a mountain girl sleeping under the pine trees.
  • Cham Ethnic Group celebrates Ramawan FestivalRamawan Festival – a traditional festival of Cham Bani minority people held in one month that’s also called “the strictly austere” month officially takes place from June 26 to June 28 in two provinces of Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan.
  • Mixed Rice (bibimbap) in SaigonThis special dish remains one of the most popular representatives for Korean Cuisine. Mixed rice has been recognized and loved by a wide range of cuisine enthusiasts all around the world, marking as a symbol of Korea often on TV dramas and cultural shows.
  • Ganh Son Beach - Phan ThietLocated 80 kilometers distant from the city of Phan Thiet to the North, Ganh Son remains as a beautiful beach with primitive landscapes and a range of eye-catching red creations.
  • Pu Sam Cap CavesLocated about 6 kilometers distant from Lai Chau Township to the west, alongside the path to Sin Ho Highland are ranges of limestone which have been formed since the prehistoric era with the unique Karst topography. Its special terrain has created a system of limestone caves inside the mountains and a wide range of miraculous stalactites.
  • Get lost in contemplation of the European beauty in VietnamThere is no need to travel all your way to Europe to be able to fully enjoy a cool authentic European summer when you can easily experience its essence right in Dalat. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat honorably includes 17 ancient villas remaining from the Indochina period that cover over 72 rooms. The villas are surrounded with all green natural sights, despite the fact that the area is only 5 minutes driving from the city centre.
  • Bun rieu cua (vermicelli and sour crab soup) in Sai GonAlong with snail noodle soup, bun rieu cua – also a specialty from Northern Vietnam, has made its reputation widely known around Saigon.
  • Co Thach Stone BankThe bank stands out in one side of the beach with multi-colored stones, from light yellow, brown and dark purple to pure white, bluish, pinkish and red…
  • The “backpack” journey through Binh ThuanIf you like a “backpack” journey following Vietnamese style like ours, hire some motorbike and bring them along. It would be amazing!
  • Pagoda with largest number of ancient clay statues in VietnamGoing through countless number of crises due to natural disasters as floods, yet almost all ancient clay statues at Nom Pagoda (Hung Yen Province) remain undamaged with their outer layers of red lacquer trimmed with gold even remain at whole.
  • Sin Ho TownSin Ho literal meaning in local language is to describe a place of many small rivers, large extended forests and poetic natural landscapes. It is perhaps because of its scenic beauty that Sin Ho Town attracts a great number of visitors when they come to Lai Chau.
  • The charms of lakes in Dalat - Da Nhim LakeDa Nhin Lake is located on the route from Phan Rang to Da Lat, belongs to Don Duong District, 40 kilometers distant from Dalat in eastern direction.
  • Bun oc (Snail Noodle Soup) in Sai GonThis is a typical type of noodle soup in northern Vietnam. It requires complex preparing and cooking, especially in the segment of washing and boiling snails.
  • Mekong Delta fish noodle soup in Sai GonOriginated from Cambodian noodle soup, Mekong Delta fish noodle soup has been innovated by Vietnam lowlanders to bring out the special flavor and a new taste for the soup.
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    Canyoning Tour in DaLat

    Canyoning Tour in DaLat

    Walking, jumping and swimming, you will discover fantastic canyons and face the challenges of incredible gorges.

    Explore the Real Vietnam

    Explore Vietnam

    Thousands of majestic natural landscapes and over 50 different ethnic groups with varied cultural features and values await tourists.

    Why travelling by motorbikes?

    Why travelling by motorbikes?

    Exploring the beautiful country of Vietnam and its people on a motorbike surely is a smart, minimal and wonderful way of travelling.

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    Our Team (Easy Riders Team), just are passionate travellers and then becomes an expert in providing travel services.

    Vietnam People Photos

    Vietnam People

    At present there are 54 different ethnic groups inhabiting Vietnam, in which Kinh (Viet) people make up nearly 90% of the whole population, and 53 other ethnic groups represent over 10%.

      Fermented Fish with Bitter Leaf Hot Pot of western Vietnam

    Fermented Fish with Bitter Leaf Hot Pot of western Vietnam

    It is believed widely that trying this hot-pot dish once and you will never be able to forget its wonderful scrumptious taste. Fermented fish with bitter leaf hot pot (literal lau mam) is a specialty of southwest regions of Vietnam.

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      Beo Poles - An observation towards waterway areas' unique ways of advertisement

    Beo Poles - An observation towards waterway areas' unique ways of advertisement

    Visiting some popular floating markets in southwest waterway regions, tourists easily catch sights of some unique bamboo sticks or poles set up beside the owners’ boats and attached with various local products as a way to advertise the products they are selling.

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      Korean Cuisine in Saigon's Korea Town

    Korean Cuisine in Saigon's Korea Town

    Enjoying a bowl of Korean cold noodles (literal naengmyeon) or mixed rice (bibimbap) on a hot day of Saigon or slowly sipping warm soju wine on long rainy day are believed to be pure bliss.

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