Bun bo Hue (spicy Hue beef noodle soup) in Sai Gon

Like any other food originated from the ancient capital of Hue, beef noodle soup requires complexity in cooking and presenting, especially sophisticated in making broth.

The broth must be made from simmered pork bones, beef bones along with a variety of bulbs and salted fish. The broth water must appear clear, not opaque. After being boiled, the broth is added with some other spices, citronella and sugar candy to bring about a light sweet taste and not fatty.

Vermicelli accompanied with beef soup is large white rice vermicelli. A hot bowl of Hue Style Noodle would surely enchant your taste. It is also served with a large plate of fresh vegetables and herbs. It’s not hard to find Hue noodle soup in Saigon since there are plenty of restaurants with this food as a specialty on their menus. Most famous beef noodle soup restaurants are Huong Giang Restaurant in Tan Binh Ward; 357 Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant on Ba Hat Street, Ward 10; Huong River Restaurant on Go Dau Street, Tan Phu District. 

Spicy Hue beef noodle soup in Sai Gon - Preview


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