Sai Gon - Nha Trang 5 days tour

Sai Gon - Nha Trang 5 days tour

Sai Gon Bike Tours: 1st day: Sai Gon – Dong Xoai - 2nd day: Dong Xoai – Dak Mil - 3rd day: Dak Mil – Lak - 4th day: Lak – Da Lat - 5th day: Da Lat – Nha Trang

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PRICE: 450 USD 375 USD / person / 5 days motorbike tour

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- This price is included of: guide, motorbike, gas, accommodation and some tickets on tours.
-If your group more than 4 people or one of you want to ride motorbike yourself, please contact us. We will have good price for you.

1. Sai Gon – Dong Xoai
On the way from Dong Xoai to Sai Gon, you will get to visit Cu Chi Tunnels. Cu Chi is a very familiar name which reminds of the war’s violence and human’s creativity. Get to the tiny, narrow tunnels, seeing the unexploded grenades and the remains of tanks, you might have a more profound perspective towards the war and how Vietnamese people, with just some old AK assault rifles and bamboo stakes could win the war.
Once you reach Saigon, it is recommended that you spend at least 2 hours to visit one of the museums around the city. And also taste some street foods, which people claim to proud of as the most delicious street foods in the country.
2. Dong Xoai - Dak Mil
Dong Xoai is the final destination of the area of Central Highlands; it is from here that you will see differences in almost every aspect of life such as territory, climate, plants, houses and culture… During the Vietnam War, Binh Long – Dong Xoai was a crucial base of the Vietnam Army in Southeast Central Highlands, which also made this place become so famous. This was the place in which the army forces assembled, weapons, fuel transported from the North following Ho Chi Minh Route to the South Battlefield. On the way to Dong Xoai, you will get to see many historical locations.
3. Dak Mil - Lak
Leaving the land of coffee, following southern direction will you step into Dak Mil – a small town of Dak Nong Province, lying just about 3 kilometers distant from the border of Cambodia. On the way to Dak Mil, you will get to visit Dray Nu Waterfall and Dray Sap Waterfall – 2 biggest waterfalls in Vietnam; you can go swimming freely at the natural pool lying under the waterfall. If we have spare time, we can enjoy a wonderful lunch with BBQs on the spot. Also you will get to know local people on the route to see how they make coal.
4. Lak - Da Lat
Do you know how people make silks? Have you ever seen a unique kind of coffee called “Weasel Coffee”? Do you want to experience going on a winging rope bridge? Yes, an interesting touring day is waiting for you!
5. Da Lat - Nha Trang
This route might be one of the most beautiful routes to travel. You would experience this yourself while passing by the 40-kilometer pass through Bidoup National Park. After the pass, Da Lat welcomes you with the cool and fresh air, with the beautiful strawberry gardens and the colorful flower villages.

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