Vang Pheo Village

Vang Pheo Village is located 30 kilometers away from Lai Chau Township to the west. The village has its settlement leaned against Phu Nho Kho Mountain, face heading towards the winding Nam Lun Stream; altogether creates a miraculous natural picture.

Vang Pheo Village is the permanent residence of White Thai Ethnic Group as it includes and preserves most remarkable cultural features of White Thai people. Visiting the village, you will get to know about the local embroidery, textile, straw knitting and especially the famous silver carving and have a look at their handmade jewelry of necklaces, brooches…

In recent days, Vang Pheo’s local people have been prepared and ready to offer tourist services of accommodations, eating and drinking, entertainment, shopping… in the village.

If you want to book tour get to Lai Chau - Vietnam. Please send email to [email protected]

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