Sai Gon's typical refreshing drinks

Sai Gon’s desserts and drinks are more or less about fresh and popular ingredients as they are most typically chosen to play a big part in the city’s beverage stores. Sai Gon natives believe that nothing could dry up the heat of a hot day better than a glass of citronella cooler (a mix of citronella and lemonade) or that of coconut lemonade.

These refreshing drinks process several things in common, namely they are super cheap and served fast. In some popular refreshment shops around the city, an average drink costs only 30-50 cents. 
Pennywort and Green Bean Juice – Pennywort and Coconut Juice

Pennywort and Green Bean Juice – Pennywort and Coconut Juice Pennywort and Green Bean Juice – Pennywort and Coconut Juice

Pennywort juice may be well considered a long popular juice for Vietnamese people. However, in Sai Gon, this juice is a little varied and more unique when it is mixed with green bean or fresh coconut milk. The delicious grassy taste of pennywort combined with the pure refreshing taste of coconut milk or green bean altogether brings about a unique and unforgettable flavor which is completely different from neat pennywort juice alone. Pennywort with green bean and pennywort with coconut juice have become widely known and liked in Sai Gon as they appear on the menus of almost all the city’s refreshment shops. 
Pandan Smoothie

Pandan Smoothie Pandan Smoothie

There is probably nothing more refreshing for a hot day in Sai Gon than a cool glass of pandan smoothie. Pandan smoothie is actually a mix of combined ingredients which include extracts from a wide range of leaves, tree roots and other cool plants namely dwarf sugarcane, corn silk, dried longan… with sugar candy. The natural sweet flavors of those ingredients are perfectly mixed with the light sweet taste of sugar candy to be making up a wonderful refreshing drink.
There are quite a great number of popular refreshment stores around Sai Gon that include pandan smoothie in their menus, namely famous refreshment stores on Le Hong Phong, Duong Tu Giang, Ta Uyen Street… You can stop over these stores for a fresh glass of pandan smoothie anytime. The stores almost remain crowded all the time, yet the staff is flexible and professional to guarantee that you don’t have to wait long.
Citronella mixed with Lemonade and Pineapple Juice

Citronella mixed with Lemonade and Pineapple Juice Citronella mixed with Lemonade and Pineapple Juice

The name of the juice just fully describes itself. This kind of juice still remains pretty new and not well-known in Sai Gon. The juice includes three main typical ingredients: citronella, lemon and pineapple. Citronellas are thoroughly smashed and added to the juice in order to give it the specific mentholated flavor. You can try this special juice on some refreshment stores located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 3.
Coconut Lemonade

Coconut Lemonade Coconut Lemonade

The most famous coconut lemonade stores are located on Pasteur Street, Ward 3. However, they are not really stores to be considered concretely but drink stalls lying densely along the sidewalk, and are just open since late afternoon. The juice is made of the kernel (or copra) of the coconut kept along with its milk, and some salted and fresh lemonade added into the coconut. People find the juice very refreshing and tasty with the light sweet flavor of coconut milk, sour and salty taste of the lemonade.

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