Meat pies (Banh Gio) in Sai Gon

If a single dumpling should be enough for your scrumptious breakfast then you would need twice or three times of that number when it comes about meat pies.

Meat pies, or more specifically, pyramidal rice dumplings are a kind of dumplings which are of smaller sizes, pyramidal shapes and the flavor that is closely attached to many Sai Gon locals’ childhoods.

Meat pies have long been popular. Even now some people still recall meat pies of years ago when they were put on old bakers’ bicycles as they were riding along the streets and alleys, singing: “Chung, gai, gio di” (which means “Who wants square rice pie, sweet round pie and meat pie?”)  That image no longer is seen, yet the flavor of modern meat pies stays the same.

Unlike ordinary dumplings, the stuffing of meat pies includes mostly grinded lean meat, peziza and quail eggs. A meat pie is intriguingly wrapped up in banana leaves; it is eaten bare or with chili sauce as a variation. A meat pie costs about 40 cents.

Meat pies (Banh Gio) in Sai Gon - Preview


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