Saigon's most scrumptious noodle soups

Saigon has been widely known for being a cultural centre of Vietnam where remarkable indigenous cultural features of the three regions of the country (North, South, and Central) meet.

Visiting Saigon, you will be surprised to be able to experience different indigenous cultures through their cuisines, particularly when it comes about noodles. Snail noodle soup of the North, bun bo Hue (Spicy Beef Noodle Soup aka Hue Style Noodle) of the Central or bun mam (a kind of fermented thick vermicelli soup) of the southern region of Vietnam will surely challenge and enchant your taste.

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There is nothing better for a Saigon’s rainy afternoon than a hot bowl of delicious noodle soup, since this food suits the rainy weather better than the heat of a hot summer day.  Here are some scrumptious typical noodle soups in Saigon that you may want to enjoy with friends and family on rainy days. 

1. Bun oc (Snail Noodle Soup)
This is a typical type of noodle soup in northern Vietnam. It requires complex preparing and cooking, especially in the segment of washing and boiling snails. Snails that are over-boiled will become excessively tough and rather hard to detach the meat from their shells. Snail soup is rapidly boiled with pork tibia. A complete bowl of snail soup features snail meat, stir-fried tofu, fresh tomatoes and small spring onions. 

2. Bun rieu cua (vermicelli and sour crab soup)
Along with snail noodle soup, bun rieu cua – also a specialty from Northern Vietnam, has made its reputation widely known around Saigon. Bun rieu cua attracts eaters with its appetizing appearance of various colors, red of tomatoes, green of small spring onions and white of fresh rice vermicelli. Especially, sour crab vermicelli soup in several places includes extended fried tofu, grilled chopped pork or boiled snails… Rieu (crab paste) is extracted directly from grinded freshwater crab meat; hence the soup brings about a particular fragrance. 

3. Bun bo Hue (spicy Hue beef noodle soup)
Like any other food originated from the ancient capital of Hue, beef noodle soup requires complexity in cooking and presenting, especially sophisticated in making broth. The broth must be made from simmered pork bones, beef bones along with a variety of bulbs and salted fish. The broth water must appear clear, not opaque. After being boiled, the broth is added with some other spices, citronella and sugar candy to bring about a light sweet taste and not fatty.

4. Mekong Delta fish noodle soup
Originated from Cambodian noodle soup, Mekong Delta fish noodle soup has been innovated by Vietnam lowlanders to bring out the special flavor and a new taste for the soup. Mekong Delta fish noodle soup is served with mam ca linh (a kind of fish sauce) instead of mam bo hoc. The special feature of the fish noodle soup lies at its remarkable fragrant fish broth which is made from a typical fish of the Mekong Delta. Fresh fish is also boiled down to make fish sauce. 

5. Num bo choc fish noodle soup
Originally a specialty of the tower-pagoda’s land, num bo choc fish noodle soup has followed the footsteps of Cambodian expats to settle in Saigon. Main ingredients of the noodle soup include fresh snakehead fish, bo hoc sauce, fresh saffron and other Cambodian indigenous flavors. 

Num bo choc fish noodle soup Num bo choc fish noodle soup

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