Visit Tra Su Indigo Forest - An Giang

Tourists visiting Tra Su Forests will have unforgettable memories and experiences while admiring the beauty of boundless landscapes and getting to taste typical western Vietnamese specialties.

The journey throughout Tra Su Indigo Forest in An Giang – the land of the most specific ecological system within areas of western Hau River will offer you memorable experiences with a wide range of eco-activities: travelling by tac rang across the forest, picking lotuses, caltrops (water chestnuts), fishing and instant enjoying fish with other waterways’ specialties… Tac rang is a unique and the major mean of transport in western waterways areas.

Travelling by the typical dory boats also usually attracts tourists, especially foreign tourists. Tra Su Indigo Forest is the official residence of over 70 typical tropical bird kinds. Besides, there are always loads of mud carp fish that are caught and gathered around Tha La Bridge. Guests would be able to hand choose the fish, have it cooked and served with fresh vegetables and sesbania sesban flowers which is also a specialty of the waterways. During flood seasons, almost every daily activity of delta residents is attached closely to the immense river. It is easy to catch the peaceful, simple sights of local kids playing in the water or of fishermen professionally casting nets. However, the western waterways sight is considered most beautiful at sunset where rows of palm trees are reflected charmingly upon the falling sun. Tourists can also participate in picking lotuses and caltrops along the bank of Vam Nao River.

Tra Su - Chau Doc - An Giang


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