Korean Egg Rolls (Tamagoyaki) in Saigon

Apart from ordinary ingredients to make a scrumptious egg roll which are eggs, salt and olive oil, Korean egg rolls accompanies a crucial ingredient that clearly makes it stand out among other kinds of egg rolls: seaweeds.

Appearing to be quite simple, yet this dish often makes people curious and hungry with its bright, eye-catching yellow color. To make egg rolls, first eggs are whipped steadily and fried in a large pan. When the outer layer of fried egg gets dried and the surface is still viscid, it is time to pour some seaweed over all of it and wait until the whole thing gets dried and fragrant. The layer of seaweed getting cooked means the food is ready. The fried egg is ladled out into a plate, then it is rolled up and cut into smaller rolls which look very tempting. This special Korean egg roll dish brings us the unique taste when egg is cooked together with seaweed. You can enjoy this dish in Nam Anh Restaurant, Thang Long St., Tan Binh.  

This dish is a perfect quick fix for your meal as a side dish and it can savour to every child in your family.Sometime I have to prepare lunch or dinner in a very short time using the materials were left in the refrigerator.Beside meat,poultry or sea food for daily meal,I always buy carrot,potato,onion,tomato in extra,these ingredients are really easy to combine with other food to make delicious dishes. Blog Cornerlee
Korean Egg Rolls (Tamagoyaki) in Saigon - Preview


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