Discover Lai Chau - The Land of Wonder

Vietnam Tours: Covered by magnificent terraced fields that spread out to every direction like carpets of silk around a mountain slope, Lai Chau stands out charming like a sleeping beauty, who is waiting for a prince to wake her up.

Visiting Lai Chau, tourists will be enchanted by its beautiful natural landscapes, in which located a great number of ancient mountains and the famous Da River.

1. Pu Sam Cap Caves
Located about 6 kilometers distant from Lai Chau Township to the west, alongside the path to Sin Ho Highland are ranges of limestone which have been formed since the prehistoric era with the unique Karst topography. 

2. Sin Ho Town
Lying at the height of 1500 meters above sea levels, 60 kilometers distant from Lai Chau Town, Sin Ho Town or Sin Ho Highland marks its unforgettable features with cool climate over the year and lots of beautiful sights typically of a highland area. 

3. Dao San Village
A wide range of different ethnic groups altogether gather at the Village Fair, there you will catch sights of different kinds of brocade dresses which help to distinguish one ethnic group to another. 

4. Village Fair
Village Fair is considered the gathering place of different traditional cultural features, in which ethnic groups’ cultural values are exchanged.

5. Ta Leng Terraced Fields
Contemplating Ta Leng Terraced Fields going up and down, lying charmingly as parts of the nature, tourists would feel so relaxed as if all the troubles and sadness have been swept away in this ambience.

6. Vang Pheo Village
In recent days, Vang Pheo’s local people have been prepared and ready to offer tourist services of accommodations, eating and drinking, entertainment, shopping… in the village.

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