Hon Rom Beach - Binh Thuan

Located about 28 kilometers distant from Phan Thiet, Hon Rom is known for its white sand dunes and beautiful tropical beaches which are surrounded by green rows of coconut trees.

You would be enchanted with its surreal sights and the gentleness, quietness the place offers. The rising sunrise and falling sunset look particularly superb here. If you are keen on nature and leisure tourism, the place is ideal for you.

The deserted Hon Rom beach is almost an island as it is only connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. For some reason, the beach is not included on the main tourist circuit. But don’t let this put you off. It’s well worth a visit. It’s hard to put into words the beauty of the place. The more adventurous can set up camp here and go fishing for dinner. Climb the hill and take in views of the coastline and beyond. - CityPassGuide - Fairy Spring

The beach at the Red Sand Dunes is known as Suoi Hong (Red Spring). The most notable resorts at this point are the Pandanus and Malibu. Further up the beach is the Red Sand Canyon. Most of the beach-extending North from Suoi Hong to Hon Rom Village--is undevelopable, or at least it would be criminally stupid to do so, as the sand dunes dive steeply into the beach. At Hon Rom Village in the protected cove area is another cluster of large hotels, typically frequented by caravans of large busies full of Asian tourists on weekends. - Asia Travel
Hon Rom - Binh Thuan - Vietnam


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