Ghenh Island (Hon Ghenh) - Binh Thuan

Ghenh Island is located off the coast of Mui Ne, just one kilometer away. The island looks like a giant turtle heading towards the shore from afar. At the height of 30 meters above sea levels, Ghenh Island still remains a neglected place of wild plants, rugged cliffs and a wide range of birds.

The island is filled throughout with multi-colored stone piles which make up particularly interesting sights.
Tourists visiting Ghenh Island would get to see beautiful coral reefs hiding mysteriously under the clear blue water and contemplate the ocean view on the top of the island. The whole significant sky is suddenly fixed within the eyesight. Sunset looking from the island is filled with extensive colors of dark red to light orange and yellow… You can travel to the island by hiring local fishermen’s small boats or ordering services from your current hotels beforehand.

Ghenh Island - Binh Thuan - Vietnam


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