Korean Cuisine in Saigon's Korea Town

Enjoying a bowl of Korean cold noodles (literal naengmyeon) or mixed rice (bibimbap) on a hot day of Saigon or slowly sipping warm soju wine on long rainy day are believed to be pure bliss.

Korea Town has soon appeared a settled in a beautiful spot of the District of Tan Binh, which includes vibrant streets of Thang Long, Truong Son, Hau Giang and Tan Son Hoa nearby Pham Van Hai Market. Here you can easily catch sight of a wonderful display of Korean traditional and popular foods that are served often to Korean expats and visitors. 
Here is a list of popular scrumptious Korean dishes available in Korea Town: 

Cold Noodles (naengmyeon)

The dish attracts a great number of guests due to its uniqueness of having some little edible rocks put in the broth, which generates a cool, fresh and comfortable feeling when tasting the noodle soup. These small edible rocks are also likely to help regulating the body temperature on the hot days of summer.

Mixed Rice (bibimbap)

Bibimbap’s ingredients include: rice, chopped beef, egg yolk and when brought out, the dish is served with a large plate of fresh vegetables, herbs and mushrooms: birch mushroom, abalone, carrots, cucumbers, fern, cabbage… After all ingredients are cooked and ready, they are kept hot in a large pot until meals’ time. When eaten, rice and the ingredients are slowly mixed up together with just a little amount in a time to avoid it getting too vicious. Enjoying Korean mixed rice with family and friends would surely offer you a lot of freshness and energy after a long day at work, and don’t forget to enjoy it with soju wine. You can come over Gogi House Restaurant which is located on Truong Son St., Tan Binh to enjoy bibimbap. 

Korean Barbecue

Beef are cut into large thin slices and grilled on a fire basket. When beef get cooked, they are cut into smaller pieces. Koreans especially pay careful attention to the side dish which accompanies the main dish; usually the side dish is salads or soups. And Korean barbecue is also tastier when rolled in a large-piece vegetable and dipped in BBQ sauce. Many people have tried this dish and reviewed that Kumdo Restaurant on Hau Giang St., Tan Binh has the best Korean barbecue.

Kimchi Pies

Main ingredients of kimchi pies include fermented cabbage, pork, small spring onion, Chinese chive, wheat flour, egg and accompanied spices like sesame oil, pepper, salt… All ingredients are cut into small pieces, mixed together and brought to be deep-fried. The pies getting yellow and generating sweet smell mean they are properly cooked. On the days Saigon is filled with constant rains, don’t hesitate to come enjoy kimchi pies and the warm ambience with your family and friends. Most famous kimchi pies restaurant is Kim Chi Thit Heo Restaurnat on Thang Long St., Tan Binh.

Korean Egg Rolls (Tamagoyaki)

Appearing to be quite simple, yet this dish often makes people curious and hungry with its bright, eye-catching yellow color. To make egg rolls, first eggs are whipped steadily and fried in a large pan. When the outer layer of fried egg gets dried and the surface is still viscid, it is time to pour some seaweed over all of it and wait until the whole thing gets dried and fragrant. The layer of seaweed getting cooked means the food is ready. The fried egg is ladled out into a plate, then it is rolled up and cut into smaller rolls which look very tempting. This special Korean egg roll dish brings us the unique taste when egg is cooked together with seaweed. You can enjoy this dish in Nam Anh Restaurant, Thang Long St., Tan Binh.  

Korean Cuisine in Saigon's Korea Town - Preview
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