Kimchi Pies in Saigon

Kimchi pies are most suitable to eat on rainy afternoons in Saigon. In the cold atmosphere, enjoying a crunchy yellow pie with the salty, spicy taste of fermented kimchi is a lovely experience.

Main ingredients of kimchi pies include fermented cabbage, pork, small spring onion, Chinese chive, wheat flour, egg and accompanied spices like sesame oil, pepper, salt… All ingredients are cut into small pieces, mixed together and brought to be deep-fried. The pies getting yellow and generating sweet smell mean they are properly cooked. On the days Saigon is filled with constant rains, don’t hesitate to come enjoy kimchi pies and the warm ambience with your family and friends. Most famous kimchi pies restaurant is Kim Chi Thit Heo Restaurnat on Thang Long St., Tan Binh.

Kimchi Pies in Saigon - Preview


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