Magnificent roads in Ha Giang

Visiting Ha Giang, you will be deeply overwhelmed by its superb natural landscapes. Here you will be able to experience the unique highlands’ culture and especially seeing by your own eyes the magnificent Ha Giang’s roads.

Ha Giang is one of the lands that are located at the head of the country, yet it is also one of the most underdeveloped mountainous regions. Nevertheless, Ha Giang stands as the land of considerable tourism potential and significant geological formation. Dong Van Stone Plateau (which officially belongs to Ha Giang), having its territory spread out along four mains areas of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac District, has been recognized by UNESCO as a global geological park. With this special attraction, Ha Giang welcomes thousands of local and foreign visitors every year. 

Apart from its famous characteristic of having the significant “cat’s ears” Stone Mountain network – a symbol of Stone Plateau at whole, Ha Giang honorably covers a wide range of beautiful landscapes, historical monuments and various tourist attractions, namely: Quan Ba Double Mountain, Yen Minh Pine Forest, Pho Bang Ancient Town, Dong Van Ancient Town, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass… If you are interested in experiencing the local culture and the special living features of minority people in Ha Giang, you might want to come visit Dinh Vua Meo (Meo King’s Castle) in Sa Phin, Nha Pao (Pao’s house) in Sung La Valley or Lo Lo Chai Village located under Lung Cu Flag Tower’s area…

Ha Giang does not have any fixed recommended time for tourism; it extends all year long. Since the land contains separate beauty and unique features in each season, you can travel here anytime. Each season has each different highlight: sometimes it is the Khau Vai Love Market, sometimes it’s about the tam giac mach flowers that cover all the hills with their colors.  And there comes the moment where all the terraced rice fields simultaneously turn yellow, making the roads leading half way up the hills covered with the brilliant color. Sometimes, people get surprised when seeing by their own eyes “flowers blooming on stones” – canola flowers, peach blossoms, plum flowers blooming gloriously on house roofs, or along people’s stone hedges.  Especially, visitors always find it superb to be driving along beautiful roads that lie across the valley, high mountainous roads or the zic zac mountain passes…

Common route to take a sightseeing tour around Dong Van Stone Plateau:
- Departing from Ha Giang City, following 4C Highway, then driving along Bac Sum Mountain Pass for about 45 kilometers to reach Tam Son Town, Quan Ba District where famous Co Tien Double Moutain is located in.
- Passing through Can Ty Commune, driving along Mien River, then going through massive pine forests for about 56 kilometers to reach Yen Minh District. From here, the roads to Stone Plateau are going to be difficult to access and full of obstacles.
- Continue driving pass through Pho Cao Town, Pho Bang Town then heading downward Sung La, Sa Phin Valley. There you will see the route separates into two paths: one leading to Lung Cu Flag Tower (the northern point of the country), one leading back to Dong Van Town.
- From Dong Van, going through Ma Li Peng Mountain Pass to reach Meo Vac Town. From Meo Vac, you can choose one of two routes to continue the journey and come back to Ha Giang:
1/ Following Yen Minh road to directly come back to Ha Giang.
2/ Take the roundabout tour, from Niem Son to Bao Lac (Cao Bang Province), and heading back at Bac Me District, Ha Giang.

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