Breath-taking attractions in Binh Thuan

Filled throughout the territory with beautiful beaches, splendid sand dunes and ancient multi-colored stone grounds, Binh Thuan Province remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Indeed, Mother Nature has favored the land with a wide range of breath-taking scenic sights.

1. Rang Beach (Bai Rang)
Located 15 kilometers away from the city of Phan Thiet to the north, Rang Beach’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the land with super crystal clear water and green rows of coconut trees spreading out along the shore. Its unique feature remains at magnificent blocks of laterite stones located off the coast, making the sight even more like a picture. 

2. Sand Dunes in Mui Ne
Mui Ne’s Sand Dunes, located off the city of Phan Thiet, is a beautiful not-to-be-skipped-over destination. Having its location settled and spread out abundantly to kilometers, the shapes of the Sand Dunes are known to be changing after each wave of strong winds or just over a night. It is also because of the unique feature that local people are used to calling the place “flying sand dunes”. 

3. Hon Rom Island
Located about 28 kilometers distant from Phan Thiet, Hon Rom is known for its white sand dunes and beautiful tropical beaches which are surrounded by green rows of coconut trees. 

4. Ghenh Island (Hon Ghenh)
Tourists visiting Ghenh Island would get to see beautiful coral reefs hiding mysteriously under the clear blue water and contemplate the ocean view on the top of the island.

5. Ganh Son Beach
The beach is particularly filled with red stones which seem to be mixed with the bluish water to be altogether creating a magnificent natural sight. Water of Ganh Son remains deeply quiet and still in early morning and late afternoon. 

6. Co Thach Stone Bank
The stones on the bank are quite various in sizes and colors; when being shone upon, they become fancy and sparkling as if they are dancing in the light. Numerous studies show that the diversity of the stones in sizes and colors is a direct result of constant influences of the tide, sea current and see waves to the stones. 

7. Phu Quy Island
Has its location settled in Binh Thuan, lying about 100 kilometers distant from Phan Thiet, Phu Quy Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands of East China Seas.

8. Cu Lao Cau Island There are various stone cliffs that are diversified in sizes and colors and beautiful quiet beaches located impressively inside hollow mountains. Besides, tourists would get to admire lovely coral reefs and a wide range of fishes under the crystal clear water.

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