Cu Lao Cau Island

Vietnam Beautiful Beach from Mui Ne - Binh Thuan - Lying 9 kilometers off the main coast, Cu Lao Cau Island is surrounded with a range of stone cliffs.

It takes almost one hour to get to the island; however, it’s worth the travel as tourists would be totally enchanted with magnificent landscapes of this primitive island. There are various stone cliffs that are diversified in sizes and colors and beautiful quiet beaches located impressively inside hollow mountains. Besides, tourists would get to admire lovely coral reefs and a wide range of fishes under the crystal clear water.

Cu Lao Cau is a small and young island rising in the middle of the sea, located in Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan, about 9 km away from the seashore. Tourists can spend 30 or 40 minutes to get there by boat. This island stays about 119 km away from Phan Thiet City to the Northeast.
Cu Lao Cau island is characterised by rocky outcrops, with sandy beaches on the north and south sides. The highest point on the island is 27m. It covers a long distance of over 1.500m with the widest area of nearly 700m and the highest one of 7m above sea level. The entire island is surrounded by tens of thousands of cliff blocks of different colors and shapes. From the main land, it looks like a big warship. It is really interesting when having a condition to observe the whole island carefully. Around this isle, the water is always clean and blue. When the tide goes down, on the seashore we can see numerous beautiful shells and corals pleasing the tourists’eyes.
Cu Lao Cau island is one of the places that has Vietnam’s best ecological environment. With beautiful neglected beach, presently, it is has been planned to be a marine life preservation zone and an eco tourist site. The island will promisingly become an ideal ecological tourist attraction.
Names like Cave Yen, Tien wells, caves as well as the full moon festival in April on Cu Lao Cau has become a meeting place of the family, the place to satisfy the curiosity of young, adventurous love.

Hon Lao Cau Island - Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan - Vietnam
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