Field Crab Hot Pot of western Vietnam

To have a genuine tasty field crab hot pot dish, the ingredients must be chosen carefully. It requires most fresh, clean field crabs.

After being caught, field crabs’ plastrons (under-shell of crabs) are meticulously peeled off while their meat is crushed, seasoned and placed into boiling water. Meat of the field crabs when meets hot water usually takes shapes and becomes large pieces of meat. When probably cooked, crabs’ meat is fragrant and tasty.

The hot pot is put in the middle of the table. People slowly place fresh vegetables, mushrooms, onion and shallot into the boiling broth to increase its taste. Especially, field crab hot pot’s broth must be plentiful to make sure there is enough soup water for adding extra vegetables. Accompanied vegetables are also various, extending from rau ngot (Sauropus androgynus), basella alba to pennywort… Thin slices of ginger can also be eaten with hot pot dishes. It is usually not necessary to serve field crab hot pot with noodles or rice vermicelli threads.

The north’s field-crab hot pot - HCMC LIFE

Field crab hot pot is an appetizing dish in northern Vietnam. This dish has many different flavors to enjoy: the sweet taste of crab meat, the buttery taste of crab-roe, the sour taste of tomatoes and tamarind. It also has the savory flavor of dill, water spinach and crab cake. You can add some other ingredients into the hot pot to feed your appetite. Some examples: flower crab, squid, shrimp, clam or other kinds of vegetables such as buffalo spinach, water mimosa.

Field crab hot pot is not only popular in northern Vietnam but also beloved in the south. This delicious hot pot appears the meals of common people and even in the menu of luxurious restaurants.

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