Miscellaneous glutinous rice kinds in SaiGon

To be compared with baguettes and Vietnamese sandwiches, glutinous rice kinds might be a little less popular, yet no less varied and scrumptious than any other kind of fast foods. Glutinous rice is often available in mobile loads or stalls which are carried along the streets.

With the fragrance glutinous rice spreads out and the intriguing smoke it exposes, people usually find it hard to pass by a glutinous rice load without hesitantly deciding to stop over.

Glutinous rice can be separated into two main kinds, sweet glutinous rice and seasoned glutinous rice. Sweet glutinous rice is usually wrapped up in banana leaves and worth from 25 to 40 cents while the latter kind is put in a paper pox and worth from 50 to 75 cents. Budget price it is generally; that is why many people choose to have glutinous rice for breakfasts. Sweet glutinous rice kinds are also often more varied than seasoned glutinous rice kinds, expanding from glutinous rice mixed with peanuts, green peas, gac fruits, corns and glutinous rice cooked with split peas. A good pack or box of glutinous rice must contains fragrant viscous rice, well-cooked peanuts or green peas, sweet sesame and salt and rice must be covered with a coconut layer. 

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