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Why travelling by motorbikes?

Exploring the beautiful country of Vietnam and its people on a motorbike surely is a smart, minimal and wonderful way of travelling. Thousands of majestic natural landscapes and over 50 different ethnic groups with varied cultural features and values await tourists.

From an image of the well civilized waterways area and its beautiful, friendly locals, or rural villages settled deep in the ancient forests, to vibrant urban cities, massive green rice fields, modern industrial estates and a long, beautiful coast spreading out along the country… There you will have chances to take a close observation and joining in experiencing the daily lives of local people during your journey.

With a motorbike, you can be flexible and take the initiative in choosing your destinations, stopovers and are able to rest anytime and listening to our highly trained tour guides presenting more about the area’s history, culture and special cuisine. You will also get to experience the best cuisines from unique local to typical dishes in a wide range of places, street stores, rural food stores and luxury restaurants, or even just enjoy an excellent cup of pure Vietnamese coffee.

You will be able to experience riding an elephant, going into the deep jungles to visit the most unique minority villages of the country’s highlands; and behold, you will be amazed at how wonderful the local people are.

When you reach the Mekong Delta’s region, you will get to try fresh and scrumptious fruits – some kinds of fruits you have never heard of before. Besides, taking a boat-rowing tour to visit people living two sides of the river can be a great experience. Pressing on the journey, you will reach the countryside areas – the heart of Vietnam, in which you will get to see beautiful massive green rice fields. Heading to the North, don’t forget to pay a visit to Ha Long Bay – one of the World Natural Heritages (recognized by UNESCO) and discover other scenic spots in Phong Nha Cave, Ke Bang National Forest… 

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