Steamed rolled rice pancakes in SaiGon

Steamed rolled rice pancakes (Banh uoc, banh cuon). The least thing about food that Sai Gon people might care about is their appearances. And it might be because of that that Sai Gon fast foods have got chances to be such popular.

Anyways, mentioning about steamed rolled rice pancake, people often argue that this spectacular food requires sitting and waiting which make it totally cannot be listed as a “fast food.” However, this food is special because it tastes equally delicious whether served hot or not. Most rice pancake stores usually prepare the food early and put it in a paper box when guests come to order. You can eat the food anytime, just open the box, pour in the fish sauce and enjoy. A box of steamed rolled rice pancakes costs about  0.75 USD.

Another dish I fall in love from many stunning Vietnamese Food recipes is Steamed Rice Pancake Rolls (Banh Cuon). This dish is made from rice starch and maybe grinded pork. Moreover there are two types of this dish. In South Area, Vietnamese people use only rice pancake rolls, they do not use grinded pork is stuffing of pancakes. However, its process is completely opposite with North Area, Vietnam. - Vietnamese Food
Among other members of the extended noodle family, bánh cuα»‘n almost ranks first. It is a paper-thin steamed rice flour pancake, much like delicate sheets of fresh rice noodles. The pancakes are plucked off of the linen steamer base, and immediately rolled with minced pork and mushrooms, then piled on a plate, sprinkled with deep fried shallots, snipped with scissors into bite sized sections, and topped with fresh herbs such as cilantro or Vietnamese basil. A plate of bánh cuα»‘n is a light dish traditionally eaten as breakfast in Hanoi but now can also be found as a late night snack. - Vietnam Beauty
Steamed rolled rice pancakes in SaiGon - Preview
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