Co Thach Stone Bank

The bank stands out in one side of the beach with multi-colored stones, from light yellow, brown and dark purple to pure white, bluish, pinkish and red…

All colored stones mixing together to look like a work of art that Nature has fondly given to the land of Tuy Phong. Accordingly, Co Thach Beach, especially its stone bank, has become a well-known tourist attraction.


The stones on the bank are quite various in sizes and colors; when being shone upon, they become fancy and sparkling as if they are dancing in the light. Numerous studies show that the diversity of the stones in sizes and colors is a direct result of constant influences of the tide, sea current and see waves to the stones.


From HCMC, tourists should head towards Phan Thiet City. From the north of the city you should head on National Highway 1A for about 95km before turning right to reach Lien Huong Town in Tuy Phong District. By going a further 10km tourists will reach Co Thach (ancient stone) pagoda, one of the most popular national relics in south-central Vietnam.
The pagoda, also known as Chua Hang (cave pagoda), was acknowledged as a national relic in 1993. Legend has it that it was established in 1835 by monk Bao Tang and it has been renovated several times since.
It is located in between some caves on a mountain which is 64m above sea level. The pagoda’s temple, main palace, bell tower, zen house and ravine are on stone ground of some giant rocks on a four-hectare area. - Chua Hang - Co Thach - Vietnam by VIR
Visiting Bình Thuan province, you should visit Co Thach tourist area, which is famous for the Hang temple, wild nature and the seven-color stone bank.
Like other beaches of Bình Thuận, Co Thach sea is blue, limpid with quite strong waves. The most special thing of this beach is a bank of seven-color stones. The characteristics of this stone ground is due to the impact of tide, sea currents, sea water ... stones of different sizes and different colors are push from the sea to the shore. - Co Thach seven-color stone bank by VietnamNet
Co Thach Beach - Binh Thuan - Vietnam


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