Num bo choc fish noodle soup in Sai Gon

Originally a specialty of the tower-pagoda’s land, num bo choc fish noodle soup has followed the footsteps of Cambodian expats to settle in Saigon.

Main ingredients of the noodle soup include fresh snakehead fish, bo hoc sauce, fresh saffron and other Cambodian indigenous flavors. The soup is made from fish broth, bo hoc sauce and Cambodian sagebrush, saffron and citronella. All ingredients are mixed together to bring about a delicious and appetizing soup. A bowl of num bo choc noodles stands out with the yellow-ish color of saffron, light-green of Chinese peas, violet of water-lily’s flowers, along with green-yellow color of cork sprigs and white-ish of shakehead fish; altogether will challenge and enchant your appetite. Most famous num bo choc fish noodle soup restaurant remains at Ba Tu Xe Restaurant in Le Hong Phong Market’s area, Ward 10. 

Num bo choc fish noodle soup Num bo choc fish noodle soup
Num bo choc fish noodle soup - Preview


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