Baguettes in Sai Gon - Vietnam

Spreading out on a large scale throughout the city, baguettes along with Vietnamese sandwiches have marked their strong footholds from within a small alley to big urban streets. It is even described that you would easily catch sight of baguette stalls on the sidewalks located several meters distant from each other.

Loaves of fragrant butter-yellowish put intriguingly in a mirrored showcase or kept hot under a thin slice of fabric and put into specific baskets. Baguettes and sandwiches stores are most busy in early morning as people usually hastily come over to buy themselves this wonderful fast food for breakfasts and go to work.

It is typical to hear various pressing voices of guests during morning as they order baguettes in all directions, saying: “A baguette, or more specifically, sandwich with grilled pork and no chilies, please!” or “A bread with two sunny side-up eggs, please ma’am!” or “A bread with shumai, please!”… Somehow all the ordering sounds for baguettes have been exclusively familiar to all of the city’s people.

Often a baguette or sandwich takes the owner only five minutes to prepare. And the stuffing of breads are widely varied, even for vegetarians. Most popular kinds of baguettes for breakfasts are baguettes with the stuffing of grilled pork, salmon, pork bologna, cheese with sugar and sunny side-up eggs. Guest targets of baguette stalls might mostly be students and college students. A baguette’s price usually varies from 50 cents to 75 cents.

Baguettes in Sai Gon


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