Beautiful green tea plantations in Northern Vietnam

These enchanting, massive green tea plantations (so-called tea hills) that spread out throughout the territory of Vietnam’s northern provinces can surely dispel all your exhaustions of travelling.

Especially during the season of tea processing when the fresh tea leaves in some specific areas such as Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai… pervade their fragrance to the air.

Tea Hills in Phu Tho

Visiting this so-called Vietnamese’ forefather land, apart from sightseeing some famous historical places and monuments, tourists will also get to see glamorous green tea hills that are located throughout the area and gather most densely in the suburban districts such as Doan Hung, Thanh Ba, Ha Hoa, Cam Khe, Phu Ninh… Covering a total area of over 12,000 hectares, tourists are likely to catch sights of these tea hills lying immensely closely to each other, bringing about an imposing scenery.

Tea Hills in Moc Chau – Son La

Green tea hills remain all time of the year in Moc Chau. No matter when you choose to visit the land, you would be definitely enchanted by the beauty of these tea plantations that spread out throughout as if taking the whole highland in their arms. Especially, these beautiful tea hills in Moc Chau have long become ideal photo taking destinations for people and fresh married couples in particular.

Tea Hills in Suoi Giang – Yen Bai

Talking about the wonderful land of Yen Bai, people would probably instantly think of  its Shan Tuyet Tea – one of the six most famous tea types in Vietnam, identified by its special fragrance and pure sweet taste that is contained in none other tea types. Having a geographical advantage of being located at the heights of 1,400 meters above sea levels and especially cool climate, tea leaves planted on the hills of Yen Bai bring about fresh unique taste.

Tea Hils in Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen

Located about 100 kilometers distant from the center of Hanoi, tea hills in Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen have long been an ideal destination for people to go for picnics on weekends and especially for photography lovers.


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