Bun rieu cua (vermicelli and sour crab soup) in Sai Gon

Along with snail noodle soup, bun rieu cua – also a specialty from Northern Vietnam, has made its reputation widely known around Saigon.

Bun rieu cua attracts eaters with its appetizing appearance of various colors, red of tomatoes, green of small spring onions and white of fresh rice vermicelli. Especially, sour crab vermicelli soup in several places includes extended fried tofu, grilled chopped pork or boiled snails… Rieu (crab paste) is extracted directly from grinded freshwater crab meat; hence the soup brings about a particular fragrance. 

Sour crab soup is served particularly with shrimp sauce and has better taste with some fresh chilies. The light sweet flavor of crab broth, sour of vermicelli, salty of shrimp sauce and spicy flavor of chilies altogether creates a special scrumptious taste for this food.  Most famous Bun rieu cua restaurants are located along small alleys of Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Ward 1; Le Van Sy Street, Ward 3; Tran Ke Suong, Phu Nhuan District or along the sidewalk of Le Thanh Ton Street.

Vermicelli and sour crab soup is not too difficult to cook, however to make the dish distinctive it requires delicate processing skills. There are many stalls selling the dish located on small streets, small lanes or even in a corner of a market, but it is those that prepare the most attractive soup that have the most customers. - Cinet
A simple bow of vermicelli and sour crab soup will follow us for many years and become a memory about the beloved countryside. Nobody knows when the popular dish became a favourite of people in urban areas. - Bang Son
Bun Rieu Cua in Sai Gon - Preview


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