Vietnam outside of what you read in guidebooks

As I sit on a bus headed for Cambodia, I’m reflecting on my incredible two weeks in Vietnam. One of the best decisions I made (thanks to a recommendation from a college friend) was to take a 6 day trip with Mr. Hong from Easy Riders. This journey took me on less traveled roads and to villages that don’t often see a tourist. In short, a glimpse of Vietnam outside of what you read in guidebooks…and the privilege of experiencing moments that would be impossible without a local guide.

It’s hard to process all the things I’ve seen and people I’ve met in this short time. Here are some of the highlights–the food, the scenery, the people. My attempt to capture the beauty of it all. The one thing I have figured out is that I will return to Vietnam some day. The pictures here are a little out of order…I haven’t quite figured out how to best do this from my phone.

There are more pictures and stories on instagram, though, if that’s your thing (@nomad_for_now). Thanks for the all words of encouragement and support…I very much appreciate all the good vibes (especially on the more challenging days!). As I perfected with Mr. Hong (and friends along the way): Mot, Aye, Ba–YO!! (That’s a hearty “CHEERS!”).

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