Unforgettable moments at Datanla Waterfall – Dalat City Vietnam


Today, DaLat Easy Riders Club is going to take you to a typical fall in Dalat city VietnamDatanla Waterfall.

There are countless waterfalls in Dalat city such as Datanla, Cam Ly, Prenn, Pongour …; however, Da Lat Datanla is the most beautiful and breathtaking.

The natural scenery of Da Lat Datanla is gorgeous with green pine forests that have been here for over 100 years. Datanla waterfall pours into a lake called Tuyen Lam lake.

Datanla waterfall welcomes visitors with a spectacular 7-level waterfall as well as many fascinating activities. Now, Vietnam Easy Rider is going to introduce you some interesting games bringing you an unforgettable experience.

Impressive Datanla waterfall with 7 levels


  1. Datanla High rope course

If you have an opportunity to visit Datanla waterfall, High Rope Course is a great activity you should try once in your life.

Datanla High Rope Course is a destination that many young people love because it gives a completely different view for “the city of flower – Dalat”. Instead of traditional traveling such as watching flowers, walking street …, now, tourists are able to challenge themselves on high.

Let’s look at some amazing shots of this exciting game:


Fly over the jungle!

  1. Canyoning Dalat Datala waterfall

Canyoning Datala waterfall in Dalat city Vietnam is an adventurous sport to explore and test visitors’ courage in Death Cave, service is fairly sophisticated and secure. Especially, there are insurance belts for the coached to help visitors whenever.  Exploring the wilderness of the mountains and challenging your courage are what you experience in this marvelous activity.

Testing your bravery with Datanla fall

  1. Datanla waterfall roller-coaster

Tourists can walk down to the fall or they can take the roller-coaster to the site. Its length is 1.000m, and there are sensor brakes to slow down the speed of the sled. A sled is enough for 2 people. The average speed 10-20km, and the high speed is 40km. Visitors wishing to visit Dalat Datanla must walk through hundreds meters of steep tracks and it took 10-15 minutes to go on foot, but now it takes only 2 minutes to go up and down the falls.

Saving time and having fun at the same time!

  1. Dalat Datanla waterfall cable car

Visitors can took a cable car down from a valley, passing through narrow cliffs. The ride itself can see the 2nd waterfall. Reaching the end of cable car ride, they may take a lift down to see the 3rd waterfall!! In the cable car, tourists can enjoy entire impressive Datanla waterfall with sheer cliffs, fast flowing water running over rocks.

Going through narrow cliffs brings travelers an amazing feeling.

Enjoying gorgeous scenery, relaxing and challenging yourself with adventurous activities are what you experience at Datanla waterfall in Dalat city Vietnam. Your journey is even more marvelous if you have some companions who have a deep understanding of this wonderful city. If you are looking for some trustworthy native companions who can help you have a more meaningful and safe trip with fascinating experience about Vietnamese culture, traditional delicious food and beautiful scenery, DaLat Easy Rider Club is your great choice.

These are a few pictures about unforgettable journey of tourists and DaLat Easy Rider Club team:

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