The journey from Dalat to Hoi An

Travelling and experiencing Vietnamese

traditional culture with Easy Riders.

The journey in 6 days and 5 nights from Dalat to Hoi An surely brings you

interesting experience. Vietnamese beautiful landscape as well as traditional

culture will be exposed during the trip. The journey is even more wonderful when

you are companied with Dalat Easy Riders team who are understanding and

knowledgeable about Vietnamese culture.

Dalat Easy Riders Club” are tour guides who ride a very Vietnamese vehicle

– motor cycles to explore Vietnam. Every single trip is carefully scheduled; therefore, it does not only offer travellers a chance to relax but also an opportunity to take a deeper look into Vietnamese beautiful culture.

The trip from Dalat to Hoi An will take you to greatest places in Vietnam and bring you a feeling which you never experience before – the feeling that you are so tiny in front of impressive mountain, the thankfulness for the mother nature and the love for honest local people.

Day 1: Dalat – Lak River (160km)

At 7 am, Dalat weather is quite cold, the 5 – day and 6 – night – journey is about to start. The first destination is Crazy House which is also known as Hang Nga villa. The  building includes displays, cafe, and rooms for visitors with an odd and scary architecture. Each year, the Crazy house welcomes around 100,000 visitors. This is one of the place that tourist should not miss out when they visit this foggy land.

Hang Nga villa with odd and scary architecture


This is a good view to enjoy the beauty of Dalat city

Located at 4 bis Hung Vuong, Lam Dong exhibition is our second destination. Followed the charming tour guide, you can enjoy the beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture. Vietnamese traditional games are reappeared vividly.

Life in Vietnam in old days are reappeared vividly at Lam Dong exhibition

The road with the length of 160 km seems to become shorten and enjoyable thanks to many stories about life and legend destinations of Dalat Easy Riders team. Along the road, you can visit mushroom garden and local silk knit.

The fresh and quiet atmosphere here brings travellers peace and relaxation.

After lunch, you can visit coffee garden and Elephant waterfall. This is the unique traditional culture in Highlands.

Lak Lake would be the last destination for our first day journey. Tonight, we will stay at a house of local people.

Day 2: Lak Lake – Draysap (120km)

Dawn in Lak lake is peaceful and romantic. Maybe that is a reason why the life of the people here becomes slower too. Picture of the people drop the fishing nets at the lake is beautiful. Far away is the famous ko nia tree shade in some songs.

Romantic dawn in Lak Lake


Lovely smiles of highland children

If you want, you can also experience elephant riding in Jun village. In here, they will teach you how to ride the elephants.

Leaving Lak lake, we continue to travel to coffee paradise at Buon Ma Thuot city. The two sides of the road are many houses, together with the yellow field – the color of the sun and wind.

30km south of the city center is Dray Sap waterfall. This place is associated with

the legend of a love story. They love each other passionately but they are hampered by a big river and the prohibition of their family. Feeling hopeless, they kill themselves as a way to release.


Wonderful Dray Sap waterfall


In Ede, Dray Sap means “smoke” which derives from the image that water from the top descends into the valley, forming a large, dust-like mass smog.

In the upstream direction, 3km away from Dray Wax is Gia Long Waterfall. This is

one of the beautiful landscapes in the system of waterfall on the Srepok river.

At the end of the day, you can ask DaLat Easy Riders Club team to go out for a typical cuisine –

chicken dishes. The chicken here are really delicious and is processed into many


Day 3: The way to Pleiku


The Museum of Ethnic Minority Original Culture


Located in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot City is the Museum of Ethnic Minority

Original Culture. This is the address always visited by foreign tourists when

coming here. The architecture of the building is modern with beautiful and historical displayed areas

Continuing our journey, we come back to the Pleiku Plateau. Along the way,

you can enjoy the great scenery with trees and majestic mountains.

Day 4: Pleiku – Kontum (50km)


 The children in Vinh Son Orphan Home

Innocent smiles of highland children

 Today will certainly be a meaningful and emotional day. We will visit the

Orphan Home of Vinh Son, which is called a common home for unlucky children

in Kon Tum. The children here are very nice and hospitable with innocent smile.

These children always need the warmth from hands and embrace of visitors.

Day 5: Kon Tum – Kham Duc (180km)

A curve in Ho Chi Minh road

The distance of today is 180km. We will be running along Ho Chi Minh road, which

is associated with the golden history of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh road bends along

the Dak R Me River carrying heavy sediment. If you are lucky enough, you can see

highland children riding bikes with a very highland smile. This image makes

viewers turn back to their childhood days for a moment.

Day 6: Kham Duc – Hoi An (140km)

We reached the end of the journey. However, memories will follow us forever.

Hoi An ancient town is the most beautiful at night time. Your heart may beat disorderly with many beautiful lanterns hanging around the streets along Hoai River.

Hoi An ancient town at night time


Hoai river are shiny with beautiful lanterns

10km from the west of Tra Kieu is My Son Sanctuary. This is the remnant of

Champa culture. The statue of the dancers and gods here are the artisans carved

meticulously. With more than 70 unique monumental buildings built

of brick walls, My Son Sanctuary deserves to be on par with Angkor, Pagan, and



My Son Sanctuary deserves


3 pm is the official end of the 5 – day and 6 – night trip from Da Lat to Hoi An.

We hope that you will have memories and impressive with DaLat Easy Riders Club. Besides, you can continue to book other tours from Hoi An to Hue or Da Nang. Thank you and have a great experience.

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