Whether you live in Vietnam or you heading there for a holiday full of adventure and exploration, you will want to know the most popular and best ways to get outside and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer both its locals and guests. Here are some of the most popular ones you can try out while in Vietnam…

Kite Surfing

Whether you are an avid kit surfer or not, head to Mui Ne to experience some of the best in all of Southeast Asia! With both kite and windsurfing lessons, you will be out on the water in no time at all and enjoying every minute of it. With windy conditions yet smooth and flat waters nearly every single day in Mui Ne, it makes for the absolute perfect kite and windsurfing times.

Scuba Diving

With beautiful crystal clear waters throughout most of the year, Vietnam has some incredible dive spots throughout its entire coastal line that are just waiting to be explored. Whether you have had hundreds of dives in your logbook or you are hoping to do your first one, make Vietnam the next place you get to experience an up close and personal look at beautiful marine life.


Both trekking and hiking are extremely popular outdoor activities in Vietnam, especially in the northern parts. With lush jungles and mountains you are guaranteed to experience a whole new outdoor adventure and journey unlike any that you have before. Choose from dozens of guides and get the chance to take in all the beautiful nature that Vietnam’s northern mountains have to offer.


Whether you feel more comfortable on a bicycle or a motorbike, both are arguably the best ways to get outside of the main areas of the cities and explore the outskirts, suburbs and incredible villages that surround them. Either head out with a bunch of friends or with a guided tour and see the countryside of Vietnam that many miss out on during their time in Vietnam.

No matter what outdoor sports and activities you choose to participate in while in Vietnam, be sure to branch out and explore some of the other great opportunities available to all traveling throughout this beautiful and unique Southeast Asian country.

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