Enjoying a wonderful holiday at Dalat City with DaLat Easy Riders

Enjoying a wonderful holiday at Dalatcity with DaLat Easy Riders Club – Why not?

Dalat city has been a marvelous destination for domestic and foreign tourist because of its cool climate throughout the year. Since Dalat temperature is around 9 – 20 degree C, it can bring you a feeling like you are in Korea or Japan. Besides, the weather in Dalat is stable during the year and is completely divided into 2 seasons: rainy and sunny seasons. Due to this beautiful weather, Dalat city Vietnam attracts a huge number of travelers.

When coming to Dalat city, you definitely should not miss out Easy Rider – this club is a choice of the majority of tourists when they arrive in this foggy place. Now, Vietnam Easy Rider will let you know more about Easy Rider as well as an unforgettable trip at dreamlike Dalat city Vietnam.

At the beginning, Dalat Easy Rider Club was a small club which is founded with an aspiration of spreading the beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture to the world. They are not a motorcycle rider, but a friend who travels with the tourists during the scheduled journey.From the first 14 participants, up to now the number has risen to more than 50 people. Long trips throughout Vietnam are also scheduled. However, Dalat city is still a place that satisfies visitors the most. Are you ready to join an amazing trip with Easy Rider Club? Do not forget to fasten your helmet straps and be ready to deep into the fantastic scenery.

1)Linh Quang Pagoda

Located in 133 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ward 4, Dalat city is known as traditional mossy roofs, with skilful carving of Ling Quang Pagoda. Long time ago, Dalat city Vietnam has become a place of pilgrimage. The travelers come here to visit the oldest pagoda in Dalat as well as pray for a happy life.

Dreamlike road to Linh Quang pagoda

Built with a mixed of Chinese and Vietnamese architectural style, Ling Quang pagoda Dalat has a hall with 20 meters length and 15 meters wide. 4 corners are filled with 4 legendary Chinese creatures Dragon, White Tiger, Tortoise, Red Bird with the pieces of clay and colorful bottles.

Specially, when coming here, the tourists are definitely impressed with the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara appears on the body of a dragon which is 100 meters length. The pagoda is worthy of being the first place for Easy Rider to introduce to our friends all over the world.

2)Terraced fields at Da Lat City Vietnam

Red basaltic soil is suitable for the development of vegetables and crops

Goodbye Linh Quang Pagoda, we continue our journey to a new land which is also beautiful and no less romantic. Along Highway 20 direction Dran is the green terraced fields stretching to the horizon. Standing in front of beautiful mountain scenery, human beings seem to become smaller. Welcome, we come Trai Mat.

Unlike terraced fields in the North West, the fields in Dalat city are mainly green vegetables and crops. The farmers here have applied advanced technology to agriculture. Irrigation system is fully automatic, so it can reduce the burden on farmers.

3)Van Thanh flower village

Flower village with different colors

If you arrive in Da Lat city Vietnam, do not miss out the opportunity to the famous village here- Van Thanh flower village. This is one of the traditional villages of Dalat, and is the place having the most flowers. Coming here, you have a chance to deep into a fragrant garden with all kinds of blossomed flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies….

Along Cam Ly stream is the kingdom of the roses. Different kinds of rose are grown in modern glasshouses.

4) Trai Ham Kopi Luwak farm

Weasels are enjoying fresh coffee

Morning time is the most appropriate time to enjoy a cup of natural roasted coffee. In addition, witness how to make Kopi Luwak is wonderful experience to many people. Step into Trai Ham Kopi Luwak farm, you can easily see friendly weasels. Weasels are feed on ripe coffees for highest quality Kopi Luwak. After that, all these high quality coffee are dried, roasted and caned with the best standard.

Each year, the farm only produces a certain amount of Kopi Luwak. That is the reason why a cup of coffee can cost up to 200,000 VND per coffee filter.

5) Cau Dat Dalat coffee farm

Fragrant coffee flowers

25 km South-east of the city center, Cau Dat is known as the most famous place for producing Abrabica coffee in Vietnam. If you are lucky to come at blossom season, you will experience the cool weather in Dalat with fragrant coffee flowers.

With a total area of 1110 hectares, Cau Dat Dalat coffee farm harvest 10-18 tons of fresh coffee each year, equivalent to 4 tons of coffee beans. Cau Dat coffee with special sour and bitter taste awakens senses of coffee drinkers. A packet of Cau Dat coffee with a reasonable price will surely be an ideal gift for your grandfather.

6) Wine drunk out of a jar through pipes at Langbiang


Enjoying wine drunk out of a jar through pipes at Langbiang

Located modestly at the foot of Mt. Langbiang mountain is a small village which famous for producing wine drunk out of a jar through pipes. People in the village live with wine making, brocade weaving and woven from generation to generation.

The best way to drink this wine is opening the lid of a pure bottle wine, then press the bamboo stick on the mouth of the bottle. The more you press, the better taste the wine will be. Then slowly stick the pipes through the plastic. Next, pouring water into the bottle before drinking 20-30 minutes. Finally, you can enjoy a special drink of Highland. The oldest wine is the best taste one. When the color of wine turns yellowish brown as honey, it is a wonderful time to enjoy. At this appropriate time, the taste is sweet and bitter, and the smell is very pleasant.

Wine drunk out of a jar through pipes is an amazing gift for friends and family.

7) Visit the silk village in Dalat city Vietnam

Silkworm cocoons

Continue the journey, you are going to visit the silk village. This place is crowded and bustling with hard-working workers. Tour guides here will explain to visitors detailed steps of silkworm raising, picking cocoons and weaving silk.

The silk factory is full of cocoons. The workers make silk and then weave into soft and cool fabrics.

After learning about the production stages, if you want to buy, you can go to the showroom to choose products with a variety of designs and colors.

The next two places of the journey are Elephant waterfall and Linh An pagoda in Da Lat city Vietnam. Elephant waterfall is not far from the silk village. This is one of the landscapes associated with a beautiful love story. Linh An Pagoda with classic architecture is hidden 50 metres from Elephant waterfall.

One day journey is not over yet. The road to back home is the village of ethnic minorities and tea hills, green mulberry garden. The trip is fascinating and interesting, not only because of these beautiful places in Dalat city but also because of friendly  DaLat Easy Rider Club team members. There are many other routes that Vietnam Easy Riders scheduled throughout Vietnam.

For more information about our club, please refer to this DaLat Easy Riders Club

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