Those who come to the homeland of Tuy Loan RiverHoa Vang District – Da Dang would not have the heart to leave this city. Beside the beautiful, charming sights of Tuy Loan River, the friendliness, hospitality of the people here, tourists are also attracted to mi quang, or a bowl of noodles in this Quang land. Walking along the old QL14B, the new QL14B and even street lanes, almost all food stores have mi quang in their menus. Of course, mi quang has special taste in different stores, but the tastiest mi quang is located in a food store named “Ba Tinh”, near Giang bridge on the old QL14B street. “Ba Tinh” mi quang is possibly the spirit of Tuy Loan River.

A bowl of “Ba Tinh” mi quang is full, attractive and eye-catching.

This store has delicious mi quang not only because it has lasted for over 100 years, has special tips on every step of making…but also because it has eye-catching decoration on every bowl of mi quang and a reasonable price for a wide range of guests. “Ba Tinh” mi quang is famous for the “kernel” of the noodles. Noodle’s kernel is made from beef. The broth is stewed from beef bone along with various spices. Peanuts are roasted on a brazier in order to keep their brittleness. Fresh vegetables include 9 types of vegetables: new cabbage, ivory-white bean sprouts, water morning glory, onion, coriander, fresh green salad, lettuce, common basil…all are mixed up with green banana which is thinly cut. Fresh vegetables are put in the bowl; there is also an extra plate of vegetable on every table, provoking guests’ desire for food.

A bowl of “Ba Tinh” mi quang is full, attractive and eye-catching. The noodles are made from “gao xiec” (a special kind of rice) in Dai Hiep – Dai Loc – Quang Nam, supple and tasty. Spreading out a layer of noodles on the fresh vegetables, then some thin slices of beef which are already dipped in the sprout, pouring on some roasted peanuts and finally a little onion. Altogether creates a significant bowl of mi quang.

“Ba Tinh” mi quang costs only 20,000 VND for each bowl, together with a rice paper (which is also a speciality of Da nang) 5,000 VND, tourists will have a true full meal. Some tourists want to have a couple of take-away bowls, but it iss inconvenient, so they buy dozens of rice papers for their relatives at home. Tuy Loan is the hometown of Ong Ich Duong – a feudal intellectual who boldly led a group of An Phuoc people to demonstrate against excessive taxtaxion under French colonialism in 1908; he was later decapitated at his hometown. Tourists come to Tuy Loan to get to know more about the glorious history, also have chance to try mi quang. “Ba Tinh” store has delicious and inexpensive mi quang, that’s why it is always crowded, especially on holidays. There are many Da Nang natives who live far from home come to “Ba Tinh” to find the old flavor of their memories, of a period of time that reminds them this place is worth remembering. On Tet holiday, people constantly pass Tuy Loan to visit their relatives and friends, or to visit martyrs’ cemetery in Go Ca; on the way back, they stop over in “Ba Tinh” store to have mi quang.Mr. Nguyen Dai Minh – the third generation offspring and the current owner of “Ba Tinh” said: “The average number of mi quang bowls sold in an ordinary day is 150; 600 bowls on Sundays and especially on Tet holiday, that number reaches to 1,000 bowls.” He sincerely went on: “365 days of a year, we only spend the 30th in lunar December (New Year’s Eve) to receive forefathers, the other 364 days we spend to receive “gods” (guests).”

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